What is Nursing Home Neglect?

Nursing Home Neglect VictimNursing home neglect is an unfortunate crime that happens way too often in Pennsylvania elderly care facilities.  In many cases, victims do not have the awareness to share that they have been neglected or abused. The attorneys at PA Crime Victim Legal Advocates can help victims receive monetary compensation for the emotional, mental, and physical injuries that result from many nursing home neglect cases.

In many professional settings, individuals other than the perpetrator are legally liable for abuse under Pennsylvania laws. In fact, any person or business acting through its employees who failed to report or prevent elder abuse may be considered a defendant.  This includes places such as…

Nursing Home Neglect Attorney in Philadelphia

If you suspect that a loved one has become a victim of neglect, it’s time to take action. A nursing home neglect attorney from PA Crime Victim Legal Advocates can help you get the settlement you and your loved one deserve.

Liability is based on case law in PA, which establishes the standard of care and liability for any of the following:

  • failing to report abuse
  • failing to prevent abuse
  • failing to protect the victim
  • failing to intervene
  • failing to have a policy in place regarding mandatory reporting of abuse
  • failing to train employees on policies regarding mandatory reporting of abuse
  • negligent supervision of employees and nursing home patients
  • hiding or concealing abuse
  • failing to conduct reasonable background checks on employees

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