In the wake of several sexual assault charges, Daniel Robert Avalos-Vigil, a former massage therapist, waived his preliminary hearing. Times Call reported on the event. Avalos-Vigil is being charged with two counts of sexual assault: one for false medical exam and one for overcoming a victim’s will. Both of these incidents occurred during massages. Avalos-Vigil […]

Doctor Larry Nassar and three associated organizations are facing lawsuits from 18 girls and women who say Nassar sexually assaulted them while claiming the molestation was a necessary part of a medical procedure. NBC reported on the incident. Nassar, 53, has treated top American gymnasts for years. Prior to these allegations, he was facing charges […]

Stanford University allegedly failed to take action against a student who was accused of assaulting multiple women during his time at the California university, which is now facing a lawsuit. NBC reported on the incident. After giving him numerous warnings, Stanford did find the perpetrator, known as Mr. X, responsible. He was banned from campus and was […]

Unfortunately, cases of massage therapists sexually assaulting clients are still prevalent. Here’s the latest, as reported by KTVZ. Christopher Rosario is facing a lawsuit from two women who have accused him of sexual assault during massages at the Massage Envy at Cascade Village Shopping Center in Bend, OR. Rosario was previously employed there as a massage […]

The Pennsylvania state government is making strides toward combating sexual assault on college campuses, according to this NBC article. Governor Tom Wolf recently announced the “It’s On Us” Campaign. This will provide 36 Pennsylvania postsecondary institutes with a total of $1 million in grants, up to $30,000 per school, for efforts to prevent sexual assault, a serious epidemic. […]

As the law stands today, those who were victims of sexual abuse as minors have only two years from their 18th birthday to file a law suit. Many lawmakers do not agree with the current statute of limitations, and most psychologists agree that childhood sexual abuse can leave a lasting impact that is hard for […]

Crime victims deserve compensation for the harms they have suffered, and third parties are increasingly held accountable through the civil justice system. Thanks, in part, to the National Crime Victim Bar Association, an affiliate of the National Center for Victims of Crime. At the time of its founding in April, 1999, it was the nation’s […]

October 3, 2016- Three more victims of sexual assault by a massage therapist at the West Chester, PA Massage Envy Franchise have sought counsel from our team. A collaboration between our firm and Laffey, Bucci, and Kent, LLP, now represents a total of 9 victims who were sexually assaulted during massages at West Chester’s Massage Envy. […]

It’s no secret that many sexual abuse cases involving members of clergy have come to light over the last decade. A great number of victims in these cases never spoke about the abuse because of shame, fear, and any mix of emotions that a child might feel after dealing with such trauma. By the time […]

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you might be familiar with the conviction of a massage therapist at a local Massage Envy spa of sexually assaulting nine women. In response to the situation that led to one of these assaults in particular, the Duty to Report Sexual Assault Act of 2016 has been introduced by U.S. […]